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What Clients Are Saying About Julian

I have helped my students discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their sales career. Read on to learn what just a few clients have to say about their experience with my coaching and leadership services, and contact me today to schedule your own session today. 

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Watch this video testimonial from Link as he talks about the impact Julian has made on his life... helping him go from a $15/ hour job to $15,000 a month!




Julian M. Jackson is Chairman and CEO of Asher Inc, a company specializing in the sales training and development of solar reps and organizations.

Julian has a goal to help over 1,000 solar representatives earn a multiple 6-figure income by 2026 through systematic selling processes. 

Julian has been a top sales producer and leader over the last decade. He has recruited, trained, and developed hundreds of solar sales representatives over the last four years. Julian's philosophy is being a "salesperson" is not the right route for longevity in the solar industry, instead adopting the consultative approach while servicing clients. Ask qualifying questions, set the expectation, give a compelling presentation, and help the homeowner make a decision. 


Selling In Full Color

The Blueprint To Identify, Connect, And Sell To Any Personality. 

In this highly anticipated upcoming book, Julian reveals the techniques of how to effectively identify who you're communicating with. He breaks down the personality types into colors to make it very easy to remember. Understanding how and who you're communicating with will transform your sales career. 

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